I graduated in Psychology in Universitat de Barcelona and studied a master's degree in Learning Difficulties and Language Disorders in UOC. 

Regarding my training as an educational pshychologist, I started tutoring while I was studying. As I was being trained I started grouping together my students in small groups.

Later, I started with educational therapies addressing all types of learning difficulties. At this point I realized the importance of cooperative work between students and between professionals and students relatives.

I am currently tutoring small groups of all ages both in-person and online classes. I help them make of learning an easier and more useful task. 


Regarding the therapeutical field, my first experience was in a day care center for addictions where I learned the importance of respect, communication, self-knowledge, empathy and support. I could also see the role of culture in our problems and started to be interested in different cultures.

After this experience, I looked for my identity as a professional and from my point of view I understood that I can feel more identified with certain currents but there is not only one effective therapy. Therefore, I am constantly learning different therapeutical methodologies and strategies to apply mixed methods and to be able to adapt to your needs.

I have personally tried different psychological and alternative therapies. Each of them has allowed me to get to know myself more in different aspects of my persona, as well as to understand my profession from the other perspective to be able to transmit the best of me to those who trust in my knowledge for their well-being.

My aim is to be able to transmit to people my passion for psychology and to make them understand that therapies go beyond the need to solve a problem. It consists in getting our inner thoughts in order to get to know ourselves better and to be able to manage external varaibles in a healthy way.

I am currently carrying out a new project called "D adirri retreat" that you can check on its tab.

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